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Got Milk?

Couch Potato Achievements and Guilt in a Nutshell
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So What is This For?

Well, when the esteemed Coyote Himself decided he wanted to make a few positive lifestyle choices, it occurred to me that we livejournal people could quite happily cover each other's butts and make sure we're on the right track. So, this community was born in a spate of work avoidance.

It's hard to lose weight and change what you eat without a bit of support. So.. poke your head in here. If you've got a recipe, offer it. If you're having problems, talk. If it doesn't seem to make sense, ask. We're not experts, we're just other people in the same boat who need the occasional kick in the tail to get to the gym. Does it work? Who the heck knows..

.. but I do know that it's possible. So let's see what happens, mm?

Ishmael, the Standing Dragon