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On Exercise:

Yesterday saw me getting back on the bandwagon with a good 45 minute romp on an Elliptical that felt good. So, for the next week, my exercise schedule:

- Wednesday (today): Time in on that elliptical again. At least 45 minutes, level 8.
- Thursday - export day. Probably be at work late. When time permits, 2 laps of the golf course, twice. (about a mile, walking). If I can get out early enough, time in on the weight machine.
- Friday - If weather permits, 30 miles on the bike. If no? 45 minutes, level 8 again.
- Saturday (morning) - If weather permits, bike time! 30 miles with a Red Bank tour.
- Sunday (morning) - Time in on the weight machine.
- Monday - Elliptical, 1 hour, level 8.
- Tuesday - Weights!
- Wednesday - Bike, if I can. If not, elliptical again.
- Thursday - Weights!

That should get me back on schedule. 4 days of Cardio, 2 days of weights, and one day to be a lazy slug and eat ice cream (lo carb, though!).

How about you lot?
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